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NOTE:  1.   All "Apps" require Office Suite-Pro®, or MS Word® & MS Excel®, or equivalent 
            2.   (eBooks require .pdf viewer)
            3.  "Apps" work best on Tablets, due to the size of the input data sheets


New Product Announcements:

New - HVAC "Apps" for your Tablet [Click]

  1. "Enhanced" Equal Friction Duct Sizing
  2. "Economic" Hydronic Pipe Sizing
  3. Fan Static Pressure Calcs (Preliminary)
  4. VAV-Reheat Coil Sizing
  5. AHU Cooling Coil Loads (Psychrometrics)
  6. Pump Head Calcs (Preliminary)
  7. Duct Weight and Duct Insulation Sq. Ft.
  8. Expansion Tank Sizing - Heating Water
  9. Expansion Tank Sizing - Chilled Water


New - Plumbing "Apps" for your Tablet [Click]

  1. Domestic Water Pipe Sizing - UPC
  2. Domestic Water Pipe Sizing - IPC
  3. Waste & Vent Sizing - UPC
  4. Waste & Vent Sizing - IPC
  5. Roof Drain Sizing - UPC
  6. Roof Drain Sizing - IPC
  7. Fixture Unit to GPM Conversions
  8. Natural Gas Pipe Sizing - Low Pressure
  9. Natural Gas Pipe Sizing - Medium Pressure


New - HVAC Design Review Guide 2012 - eBook [Click]

New - Plumbing Design Review Guide 2012 - eBook [Click]


Additional HVAC & Plumbing Software packages for your PC at:  www.hvacdesignsolutions.com

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